Since 2006, A Bushel & A Peck Bulk Foods has been the leading bulk foods specialty store in Clayton, OH, and we work hard to offer you unique products in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. We hold it as an honor to serve you and we strive to treat each guest as we’d like to be treated, so we hope you’ll come back soon!

A Bushel & A Peck Bulk Foods“Down a long driveway, flanked by towering corn stalks and dotted with sprawling shade trees, lies a hidden treasure called A Bushel and a Peck. The modest shop, located in Clayton, manages to combine the cost-savings of those super-mega-bulk-buying grocery chains with the humble, inviting atmosphere of an old-time general store.

Owner Davida Landes greets her regulars warmly and welcomes newcomers with a friendly smile and a guided tour of the jam-packed shop.

“The term ‘bulk food’ sometimes scares people,” she explains. “They think they have to buy 100 pounds of something in order to see any savings, but at A Bushel and a Peck, we do the bulk purchasing and then bag everything up into smaller quantities and pass the savings along to the customers. We offer all kinds of products including nuts, dried fruit, candies, pasta, soup mix, dips, dried beans and so much more. But our real specialty area is spices and herbs. The savings are just amazing. In a standard grocery store, you might pay $3 or $4 for a can of cinnamon, but here you will get ¼ pound for $1. I offer well over 100 spices and people are amazed at the prices…they’re phenomenal.”

The store offers a bulk cheese line that includes mini six-pound rounds as well as one-pound packs of marble, colby, pepper jack, jumping jack and swiss. And, during July and August, Landes says fresh vegetables are also available.

The shop’s baking products are also very popular, and include baking powder, flour, cream of tartar, and numerous other staples of a cook’s pantry.

The store features seasonal specials and Landes points to several shelves of new products just in time for the approaching holiday seasons and the arrival of cold weather. “We now have the fall candy out, the pumpkin patch, all the fall sprinkles for cooking and baking. We have new pumpkin spice pretzels, candy corn, a pumpkin spice snack mix that is very good, a pumpkin spice cappuccino mix with no sugar added, caramel for baking, and, of course, we have a variety of products for canning,” she says, adding that once Women’s Fair is over, “we will be gearing up for our huge holiday open house, the third weekend in November on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So I always do lots of sampling for that; make lots of products that we sell so that people can actually taste before they buy.”

Landes notes that, “at Women’s Fair, our ginger snaps and the pumpkin pie dip mix are one of the absolute best sellers. People can’t get enough. I sell out every year.”

The store is located on Haber Road in Clayton and Landes says it has been growing steadily in popularity, “but people still stumble across us and are surprised to find a store like this in the Dayton area. A lot of folks make the trip to Holmes County, where shops like mine are plentiful, and then they wander into A Bushel And A Peck and are surprised to find a similar shop so close to home,” the owner says, adding that her store places a high premium on repeat business. “We just really try to focus on customer service; we want to be open and friendly and treat everyone like we want them to come back! Yes, we have a unique store, but without great customer service, we wouldn’t be in business for long. I am a people person at heart and I want people to enjoy their visit and find exactly what they are looking for.”

By Tara Dixon Engel
Cox Media Group